Worm auf deutsch, Der clown film 1996. Klaun (1996) [TV film]

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There is a village deep in the mountains, untouched by modernization and overflowing with lush greenery. But all is not as idyllic as it seems.

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In springtime, flowering plants, creepers, and mosses turn villagers' bodies their gardenbeds, as if to make them one with the mountains. Rumor has it the worm auf deutsch is a divine curse which befalls everyone who lives there Except for one person.

Blondina luata la pula hardcore in gaoaza, in gura si la subrat. Vizualizări:

Characters Aoi — The daughter of a well-to-do family in the village, and blighted by the curse at a younger age than anyone else. Arahitogami — A young man of bewitching beauty who is believed to be blessed, and is worshipped at the shrine as a living deity.

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Nazuna — The second son of the shrine's head priest, and Aoi's friend since childhood. He studies medicine in the city. It consumes their flesh, but the pain it causes lessens when victims stand in the shrine's sacred grove.

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Info Every choice you make decides the fate of the characters, leading them to three different endings one good, two bad. The main route takes one to two hours to complete.

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Also features 13 unique illustrations to collect as you advance through the game. Recommended for players aged 15 and up.

Contains NO explicit sex or excessive violence, but does contain mature content including violence, horror, body horror, sexual themes, supernatural themes, and adult themes.

Please refrain from playing if you are sensitive to these themes. The creators accept no liability for medical issues or other negative impacts arising from playing this game. Descrierea conținutului pentru adulți Contains some violence, horror, body horror, sexual themes, supernatural themes, and adult themes.

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